In my poems about Vietnam,
I am expressing a time in my life that I was never able to verbalize.

I have gone beyond those days, and am happy to say so.
The love that I have in my heart, the love I was born with could not be taken away.

Michael Montfort
Vietnam Veteran

OLWG#81- Shadow Children

tnkerr-Writing Prompts and Practice

Free verse, loosely inspired by and written for OLWG#81

the old man sits in the window, warm with the fire,

and stares into the yard,

the yard that Martha tended,

shadow children play chase in the weeds

‘midst brown leafless shrubbery.

the brick path, laid so many years ago,

now covered with a thick blanket of brown and golden leaves

stirring slightly in the breeze.

I really must tend the garden, he says aloud, and

turns back to the task at hand.

the task at hand is, of course, sculpting drums

sculpting ceramic drums

it’s how he fills his days since Martha and the children passed.

build them and skin them

with drumheads of Afghani goat hide

decorate them using bright greens, blues, and Merlot coloured glaze

hang Tibetan prayer beads on, and always

watch the shadow children scamper among the weeds.

This week’s prompts were:
  1. ceramic drums
  2. a…

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A kissing telephone.
Was it Samsung or Sony?
Who would have thought, a kissing tele’.
O-yes, it was a craze.
Turn the lights out. Call your lady friend.
Hot-Sweaty, a smile 10 feet wide.
I’m on my kissing telephone.
She knows about kissing tele’s.
She has one too!
Now the wedding bells are chiming.
She with her tele’.
Me with mine.
Ring Ring.
And with a kiss
Says, I DO!

Michael Montfort
Vietnam Veteran

I dream of you in my sleep

I dream of you in my sleep.

I think of you throughout the day.

I speak to you, as if you are still here. 

I long to hear your voice, 

the tears streaming down my cheeks. 

Can you see me as I sit in the dark, begging once again to gently brush your hair.

Needing to remember, not wanting to forget.

I dream of you in my sleep…

I ache

A pain so real, 

I feel 

A break

The hole reaching deep into my soul.

pamela-just a vet

A Couple From Michael

Good Luck

Please, no blinking lights
Pease, no day no nights
Joy to the sound of my beating heart
The four leaf clover
plucked for Good Luck
Presence for now
Thinking twisting tumbling
Down down down
Pick yourself up
Find your treasure
A four leaf clover
Good Luck

Boom Boom Boom

Boom Boom Boom
Full Circle
Boom Boom Boom

Michael Montfort
Vietnam Veteran

Collaborative Efforts

Below are a couple of collaborative poems written by Bill and Thom. Neither one is titled.

The old black and white TV’s were better
You never had to endure too much red, or not enough
The red of blood, the red of hate, the red of fear, but what about the red of love
The red of a Valentine? Can there be too much? Too much blood, for sure, but not curly red hair
Black and white TV’s made us imagine, visualize, not take over
The picture tubes were smaller–the choices were fewer–the snow on the screen     was more frequent
And with it, the sound of TV snow–so different from outside in winter
Under a blanket of snow in the mountains there can be no sound other than the cry            of a bird of the step of a beast

Or the echoes of footprints


It’s Summer and I’m unsure if I’m ready for all this nature
For nature presses its animals for honesty
The tiger isn’t trying to fool anyone with his pounce or his razor sharp teeth
Except for his next natural meal, providence for his family
Hunger can be a powerful motivator – as can a tiger be
And its meal, its prey, is as honest as its stalker
Yet only one walks back into the jungle. The other disappears, nevermore
As it was – it’s become that which helps something else to grow, life.

Bill US Army Veteran
Thom USN Vet